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Tech:NYC and Center for an Urban Future created the first comprehensive map of NYC’s tech training and education ecosystem.

Use this map to explore the educational and workforce training infrastructure available to working adults and students in grades K–12. The accompanying report can be found here.


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New York City from Above

Plugging In — Building NYC’s Tech Education & Training Ecosystem

For New York City to succeed in elevating more New Yorkers from lower-income backgrounds into the middle class, the city will need to make significant progress in expanding access to technology careers. Although jobs in technology have been among the fastest-growing occupations in New York, too few of those good jobs are going to New Yorkers from low-income communities.

Changing this will require wholesale improvements in the city’s education and workforce training systems, coupled with major new investments that expose New Yorkers to these careers, introduce them to foundational skills, and help them develop the specific competencies and hands-on experience that tech companies need.

This report points the way forward, providing the first-ever comprehensive assessment—and map—of New York City’s tech education and training ecosystem.

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The report and its research find that, while New York City’s skills-building ecosystem is larger and more robust than ever, significant gaps and challenges remain. These gaps inform how we can approach the goals of diversifying hiring in the fast-growing tech sector and expanding economic mobility for New Yorkers from low-income communities. The following data reveals some of these gaps and challenges.

Location Trends

Tech skills-building programs are unevenly distributed across the city. Several neighborhoods have very few, if any, programs.

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By Borough

Tech skills-building programs are unevenly distributed across the city, and several neighborhoods have very few, if any, relevant programs.

Adult Skill Level Trends

Few of the city’s nonprofit adult tech training programs are focused on in-depth training for tech careers, and only a handful provide training for engineering roles.

K–12 Trends

Across New York City’s K–12 program locations, fewer than one in three is focused specifically on students in grades K–5.

Research-based policy recommendations

The data suggest a city that is thriving, but also where not all communities enjoy equal access to opportunities in technology sectors. From this, we’ve created a simple list of policy directives we believe will close this gap.

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