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Flatiron School’s UX/UI Design is a profiled program in the Plugging In Report.

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Who is served: Adults looking to launch a tech career

Number of participants served annually: 274 students in 2017

Location: Manhattan

Frequency/Duration: Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–6 p.m., 15–24 weeks

Eligibility Criteria: Passion for learning about technology and desire to launch a new career

Application process: Online application, admissions interview, technical review, pre-work

Curriculum: Software Engineering: HTML5 & CSS, JavaScript, React, Ruby, and Rails (15 weeks). Data Science: Python, Object Oriented Programming, JSON, Web Scraping (15 weeks). UX/UI design: User-Centered Design, Design Thinking, Design Principles (24 weeks)

Skill level: Mid-level, advanced

Outcomes : Of 2017 participants, 95% (260) graduated. Of the participants who completed a job-search cycle upon graduating, 31% accepted a job within 30 days, 55% within 60, 91% within 180, and 97% within a year. Average starting salary for a full-time salaried role was $73,806. Full jobs report available here.

Partnerships: WeWork, Access Labs, Designation

Cost: $17,000. Flatiron offers financing options and deferred tuition through income sharing agreements.

Sources of funding: Tuition

What makes this program stand out? Flatiron School is a 15-week software engineering bootcamp that offers a combination of full-time courses in-person and online. It is specifically designed for adult learners looking to transition to a career in tech. Last year, the school launched Access Labs Initiatives for New York City residents making less than $35,000 to increase access to tech training. In New York City, Flatiron offers software engineering, data science, and UX/UI design training. Founded in 2012, Flatiron is one of the earliest accelerated programming courses and pioneered the tech bootcamp model. Flatiron was acquired by WeWork in 2017, and now operates out of WeWork locations throughout the world.

On the software engineering track, students are trained in both front-end and back-end web development to become full-stack engineers. Students also learn about product management, computer science fundamentals, and receive technical interview training.Data science course teaches both programming languages specific to data science and “statistical understanding.” Students also learn how to use algorithms to draw insights from data, big data, and machine learning APIs.

The UX/UI design track is a hybrid course that allows students to study independently through online coursework for the first half of the class. The curriculum—created by Designation, a design education program—focuses on the fundamentals of user-centered design, design thinking, design principles, prototyping, and frameworks among other presentation and portfolio skills.

What do participants need to succeed? The Flatiron program is designed for individuals seeking a full career transformation, and so it requires a major time commitment and investment. Flatiron has introduced an income share agreement to break down the significant upfront cost, and it also provides a tuition-back guarantee for those unable to land a job in 6 months.

What does the organization need? The organization has a big focus on hiring teachers and finding people who are both educators and have the technical prowess to facilitate training.