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Fullstack Academy’s Software Engineering is a profiled program in the Plugging In Report.

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Who is served: Adults

Number of participants served annually: 900-1000

Location: Financial District, Manhattan

Frequency/Duration: 4-week remote Foundations course (25 hours per week); 13-week full-time Core Curriculum (Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–6:30 p.m. and later)

Eligibility Criteria: Some programming experience is required. Fullstack offers a Bootcamp Prep course that covers the intermediate coding skills required to pass their assessment

Application process: Online application, coding assessment, technical interview via Skype

Curriculum: JavaScript-centric full-stack web and mobile app development; cyber security

Skill level: Mid-level, advanced

Outcomes: Most participants (66.7% in the most recent reporting period) are hired for full time software engineering jobs within 180 days of graduating. More statistics here.


Partnerships: Tech Talent Pipeline, Grace Hopper, Bloomberg, American Express, Spotify, Google, and Amazon.

Cost: $17,910 up-front or through loan-based financing. A $1,000 need-based scholarship is available for qualifying women and veterans. In partnership with Tech Talent Pipeline, Fullstack offers a Web Development Fellowship covering the full cost of tuition for 40 qualified New Yorkers each year.

Sources of funding: Tuition

What makes this program stand out? Fullstack Academy is designed for students with some experience in programming seeking to bolster their skills in the latest web development technologies, increasing their access to current employment opportunities.The program curriculum is JavaScript-oriented and trains students in both front and back-end technologies. Fullstack works to maintain employer relevancy and consistently adapts their curriculum based on market needs.

The 17-week course begins with 4 weeks of remote work where students independently study programming fundamentals. The remaining 13 weeks are full time with a focus on full stack Javascript, which trains students in frontend and backend development and databases. Throughout the course, students also complete several projects to apply their skills. David Yang, co-founder of Fullstack Academy, notes computational thinking is crucial to programming and learning algorithms are core skills that equip students with the problem-solving employers are seeking.

Fullstack is also home to immersive coding programs serving underrepresented communities including the Grace Hopper Program and the NYC Tech Talent Pipeline Web Development Fellowship. Grace Hopper is tech education designed for all women identifying and non-binary students with no upfront tuition cost. The Web Development Fellowship is facilitated in partnership with the City of New York’s Tech Talent Pipeline.

“Working with Tech Talent Pipeline, our partners have been able to help us figure out how to create maximize social economic impact,” said Yang. “They’ve helped us with defining good rules to make sure we are getting people who wouldn’t traditionally get access to programs like this. It’s brought in a whole new demographic.”

What do participants need to succeed?

Fullstack has a competitive admissions process and is not designed for individuals with no prior experience in coding. This means that even those with some experience will need to prepare for the admissions process as well as the full program. Fullstack offers several prep courses for students who are interested in pursuing a bootcamp education but may lack the requisite coding experience. During the program, participants must be able to commit to 10-plus hour days.

What does the organization need? More student awareness to get prospective students to think outside of the box in terms of an education path. The organization also needs funding to continue running a large program in New York City with high quality instructors.