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Data Science

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27 East 28th Street

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Metis’s Data Science is a profiled program in the Plugging In Report.

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Who is served: Adultswith programming and statistics experience

Number of participants served annually: 22–30

Location: Manhattan

Frequency/Duration: Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m., 12 weeks

Eligibility Criteria: Must have experience with Python programming and statistics

Application process: Online application with work and educational background, technical self-assessment, and goals, followed by a 5-hour time-limited technical challenge with a mix of questions in math, statistics, Python, as well as a data analysis and data science project. Select applicants move on to a 30 minute alumni interview, followed by an application review to evaluate overall preparedness.

Curriculum: Data science: Python, machine learning, web scraping, collaborative and cloud-based coding, visualization, distributed algorithms and systems architecture.

Skill level: Advanced

Outcomes: Full-time data science roles

Partnerships: Metis works with numerous companies and institutions that contract the organization to provide corporate data science training. They also collaborate with many different organizations and meetups to jointly promote data science opportunities

Cost: $17,000

Sources of funding: Tuition and corporate contracts

What makes this program stand out? Metis was the first data science bootcamp in New York City, and claims to be the only accredited one. It is a product of Kaplan educational services.

Metis is a rigorous program with a competitive application and selection process. Applicants are must have experience with programming and statistics prior to enrolling into the program. Students are typically professionals who are looking to pivot into data science from statistics-heavy roles or other industries like software engineering and academic research.

The intensive, project-based curriculum is taught by “industry-seasoned” data scientists. President and founder Jason Moss explains that hiring data scientists who can also play the role of educator can be challenging in a market where companies are also fighting for talent.

Veterans can now apply to use the Post-9/11 GI Bill to enroll at Metis, covering the cost of tuition.

What do participants need to succeed? Participants must be fully prepared with advanced-level math and statistics skills, and experience with Python and several Python libraries that enable additional scientific computing functionality. They should also understand core aspects of machine learning. Recognizing this high bar, Metis offers multiple levels of bootcamp prep courses created by the admissions and senior data science teams.

What does the organization need? To find instructors who are skilled data scientists and educators.